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Stair elevator in Chicago

If you are looking for an affordable way to move around your Chicago home a stair elevator is the perfect solution. According to population census nearly 20% of American citizens either have a disability or are over 65 years of age. Home accessibility can become an issue if not dealt with during early lifestyle transition stages. If you are in these two categories now is the time to think about accessibility in all areas of your home. Home Access Services offers customized residential stair elevator in Chicago and surrounding areas. Cutting edge technology assures stability and safety while granting access to your entire home. Call Home Access Services at  877-491-5525 for an estimated custom quote and ask about our best price guarantee in Chicago.

Stair elevator in Chicago

Best quality chairlift now available in Chicago from Home Access Services. Also, offering overhead lifts, mobility scooter rentals and access ramps in Chicago Call 877-491-5525

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