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Stair lift Ride Quality

Acorn Model 80 Curved Rail and Acorn Superglide Model 120 Straight Rail

Ride Quality of the Acorn Superglide Model 120 Straight Rail Stair Lift

The Acorn Superglide Model 120 Straight Rail Stair Lifts peerless smooth, ultra-quiet and safe ride quality is attributed to our unique rail profile and chassis roller system working in conjunction with the DC power and rack and pinion drive systems. Typically, other stair lifts feature four, or sometimes six, chassis rollers and a box section rail. The Acorn Super glide stair lift has eight rollers, giving a surface contact area at least four times greater than competitor products. Such features, along with our unique double-tube rail profile, gives the smoothest, quietest and most luxurious ride quality currently available, and a superb feeling of safety and stability when using the stair lift. DC battery power gives an extremely smooth and near silent operation. It also allows us to build in a ‘soft start / soft stop’, this means that there is no jolting or lurching as your stair lift starts or finishes its journey. This adds to the feeling of safety and stability.




Ride Quality of the Acorn Model 80 Curved Rail Stair Lift

The Acorn Model 80 Curved Rail Stair lift represents a major step forward in comfort and reliability in the technology of stair lifts. Engineering excellence ensures the Acorn Model 80 Curved Rail Stair lift provides a comfortable ride along a continuous slim and attractively finished rail on either the inner or outer curvature of your staircase. Its superior safe and smooth ride quality and peerless ultra quiet motion is attributed to its unique Auto Speed and DC Battery Power System features which slows down the stair lift on cornering for your comfort and safety. The stair lifts contain a built in ‘soft start / soft stop’ system which will slow down the stair lift as it reaches the stopping point at the top and the bottom of the rail on the stairs staircase. Acorn’s Innovative Technology of the unique Self Leveling Transport System moves the carriage along the single low profile rail and automatically adjusts the speed and level of the seat on cornering, providing an exceptionally smooth ride. The system’s electronic programming ensures excellent operational performance.


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