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Stair Lift Safety

When trying to decide on a stair lift, safety should be one thing on your mind. You might be wondering if a stair lift is safe and reliable. The quick answer is yes, stair lifts can be safe and reliable. However, some brands and models come more equipped with more and better safety features than others. It is important to look at what kind of features the model you are looking at come with.

Some of the safety features that come on many new stair lifts today are safety sensors that prevent the stair lift from hitting something in the wall, as well as fail safe mechanisms which prevent operation until the seat is in the correct position. There are also some that have seat belts with locking mechanisms and stair lift motors that have instant reversing capabilities.

Look for if the stair lift meets ASME standards. The ASME is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. When a stair lift meets ASME standards this means that the stair lift manufacturer followed a set of technical definitions and guidelines when building their stair lifts. This standard promotes safety, reliability, productivity and efficiency. These standards are written by by experts with knowledge and expertise in their field who sit on many committees. They serve as common language, defining quality, and establishing safety criteria.

If you want extra peace of mind, find a stair lift with a long warranty. The longest warranty in the stair lift industry right now is a lifetime with Acorn Stair lifts motor and gearbox.


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