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ADA Consulting

We at Home Access Servicescan help by providing: home assessments, recommendations, home modification cost estimate as well as being able to execute the construction work that needs to be done.

Home Assessments: We review the findings and recommendation of doctors, physical or occupational therapists. Do an initial interview with the patient to determine their current and future needs as well as addressing the family’s concerns. We then do a thorough home accessibility assessment to establish a base line of current conditions with photo documentation.

Recommendations: We make recommendations based on the patient’s needs, using the principles and guidelines of ADA Accessibility and Universal Design and the latest products and innovations available in the market place.

Cost Estimate: We can prepare a detailed cost estimate of the modifications that are necessary to make the patient’s home a functional place to enjoy their lives. The estimates are based on standard Means pricing.

Building Services: As a licensed general contractor we can provide the building service to accomplish the work that is required.
When a catastrophic injury occurs, what happens to the injured party once they leave the hospital and go home? Home, is the place which they will spend the rest of their life dealing with the limitation of those injuries. Every day activities like bathing, toileting, cooking, cleaning or even leaving the house may become very difficult if not impossible.