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Looking for the best stair lift price in Chicago?

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Chicago Stair Lift Price

Home Access Services offers our Chicago, Elgin, Gary, Springfield customers the best in stair lift technology, due to their maintenance free operation, standard safety features and years of trouble free use. Acorn Stairlifts is a world class manufacturer specializing in high performance, low failure rate, and affordable prices with top quality.

Why choose an Acorn Stair Lift?

The first thing to remember is that all Chicago stair lifts are not created equal! Although there is an ever growing demand for stairlift equipment, it is truly amazing how many out dated products are being installed in people’s homes throughout the USA. This old technology equipment is troublesome to the user. Why? Because it is unreliable! Modern stairlifts, like the ACORN Superglide Stair Lift, are state-of-the-art, in terms of design, safety and manufacture.
The ACORN Superglide Stair Lift Standard Features:

  • Positive rack & pinion drive- this provides a quiet, smooth ride.
  • Soft start/stop operation- no jarring at the top or bottom of your stairs
  • DC powered- it is smooth and near silent in operation – and will continue to work, in the event of a power failure by means of the internal maintenance free batteries. The Acorn Stair Lift is charged when not in use, and plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Acorn Stair Lifts have an internal overspeed governor (OSG) as standard equipment- Home Access Services believes that it is irresponsible to supply a Chicago, Illinois resident a stairlift without this vital safety equipment. This feature immediately stops the unit in the unlikely event of an overspeed descent.
  • Has comprehensive self-diagnostic system- Acorn Stair Lifts are equipped with smart technology that recognizes and identifies faults and displays a fault code showing the stair lift status.
  • No expensive wiring necessary- no need for expensive and disruptive alteration to your home power supply, or for a certified electrician to hook up main power. The unit is plugged into a standard wall outlet!
  • 2 Infrared remote controls- no complicated wiring for the lift call stations. You can call the lift to the top or bottom landing. An excellent feature if there is more than one user in the home!
  • Swivel seat with locking catch- ensures easy mounting and dismounting from the stair lift. The lift will not operate unless the seat is in the correct riding position.
  • Seat Belts- Seatbelts are standard on Chicago installed Acorn Stair Lifts. They are retractable, and have a standard release that makes putting it on and taking it off simple!
  • Folding Seat & Footrest- the stairs remain available for use by others, as the seat, arms and footrest fold easily away when not in use.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 294 lb weight capacity (350 lb available)
  • Pressure sensitive safety surfaces- these features prevent the lift from colliding with any obstruction on the stairway. These are located around the footrest, and on the top and bottom of the carriage. The limit sensors also ensure that your Chicago Stair Lift always stops in the correct position.


Chicago, Il Home Access Services Stair Lift



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Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Stair lift installation regulations vary from city to city. Many places are very lenient on their stair lift installation regulations. Home Access Services, however, stays up to date on the regulations for the cities we serve.

There are states, such as Michigan, Connecticut, Washington and Oregon have very stringent stair lift installation regulations which require a certified professional to install the unit and include having the lift inspected.

The best way to be sure of each particular city’s stair lift installation regulations is to either contact us or contact your local governing authority who will also know which regulations your stair lift installation may fall under. Stair lift installation regulations not only apply to state codes, but county or city municipality codes. Home Access Services will be happy to discuss your options regarding the installation of a stair lift.


Stair Lift Springfield | Stair Lift Peoria |Stair Lift Chicago

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

New stair lifts

take you up and down the stairs with no effort from you needed. They are great for people with loss of mobility. New stair lifts are a valuable commodity to those who want to keep their freedom and don’t want to move into a one level or assisted-living home.

New stairlifts for sale can be customized to the style and coloring options that are to your liking. New stairlifts can also be designed to match and/or blend in with your home. New stairlifts are customized to the length and curvature of your staircase. They can be made for your straight or curved staircase, and can even be made for your outdoor steps.

New stairlifts for sale come with manufacturer warrantees if they are installed by an approved dealer, so if you happen to run into a problem, your new stairlift will be easily fixed in no time.


Stair Lift Chicago

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Home Access Services is pleased to offer distinct stair lift models including the industry leading Acorn Superglide 120 straight stair lift.

Stairway lifts can have numerous features, appropriate for your individual needs and budget. As Chicago and Northwest Indiana’s leading provider of indoor stairlifts, Home Access Services ensures that whichever stairlift you select for your home meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Our experience translates into superior knowledge and understanding of your needs, met through the finest innovative designs.

So, when the day comes that you realize you need a stairlift, proceed with confidence! Home Access Services stairlifts will provide you with years of dependable performance. Call us and we will be happy to explain the specific features of each stairlift.


Remember, we give you access to your home!

Why Buy an Acorn Stairlift?

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Acorn Stairlifts is an industry leader in manufacturing stair lifts, let us show you why. We know how difficult the stairs can be at times, and are here to help you find a solution. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people to regain their freedom, and gain peace of mind once again. We are dedicated to supplying you with the best possible stair lift.

Modern stair lifts, like the Acorn Stairlift, are state of the art, yet are so simple to use. When deciding if an Acorn Stairlift is the right choice for you, it is important that you make an educated decision. When your safety is of concern, don’t take any chances.

Acorn Stair Lifts:

  • are NOT cabled hauled – it has a rack & pinion drive providing a quiet, smooth ride.
  • are DC powered; quick and simple to install, will work in a power cut, highly reliable.
  • are safe and easy to use.
  • Have locking swivel seats, which means you don’t have to twist when leaving the stair lift
  • Have a soft start/stop feature as standard – no jarring at the top or bottom of your stairs
  • Have electronic and mechanical brakes as standard – a vital stair lift safety feature.
  • Have a comprehensive self-diagnostic system. This recognises and identifies the status of the stair lift.
View more details about the Acorn 120 Straight stair lift

Acorn 120 Stair Lifts

For a straight staircase, the Acorn 120 Stairlift is the perfect choice, designed and built purely with the user in mind. The stair lift has a slimline fold-away design, and a wealth of features. Say goodbye to difficulty with the stairs with the Acorn 120 Stair lift







View more details about the Acorn 80 Stair Lift

Acorn 80 Stair Lifts

For more complex staircases, Acorn 80 Stair Lifts provide the ultimate in versatility. Able to tackle practically any staircase. Acorn 80 stair lifts are designed specifically for stairways with bends and features a unique modular rail system, this is so it can be installed as quickly as a regular stair lift


Stair lift Ride Quality

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Acorn Model 80 Curved Rail and Acorn Superglide Model 120 Straight Rail

Ride Quality of the Acorn Superglide Model 120 Straight Rail Stair Lift

The Acorn Superglide Model 120 Straight Rail Stair Lifts peerless smooth, ultra-quiet and safe ride quality is attributed to our unique rail profile and chassis roller system working in conjunction with the DC power and rack and pinion drive systems. Typically, other stair lifts feature four, or sometimes six, chassis rollers and a box section rail. The Acorn Super glide stair lift has eight rollers, giving a surface contact area at least four times greater than competitor products. Such features, along with our unique double-tube rail profile, gives the smoothest, quietest and most luxurious ride quality currently available, and a superb feeling of safety and stability when using the stair lift. DC battery power gives an extremely smooth and near silent operation. It also allows us to build in a ‘soft start / soft stop’, this means that there is no jolting or lurching as your stair lift starts or finishes its journey. This adds to the feeling of safety and stability.




Ride Quality of the Acorn Model 80 Curved Rail Stair Lift

The Acorn Model 80 Curved Rail Stair lift represents a major step forward in comfort and reliability in the technology of stair lifts. Engineering excellence ensures the Acorn Model 80 Curved Rail Stair lift provides a comfortable ride along a continuous slim and attractively finished rail on either the inner or outer curvature of your staircase. Its superior safe and smooth ride quality and peerless ultra quiet motion is attributed to its unique Auto Speed and DC Battery Power System features which slows down the stair lift on cornering for your comfort and safety. The stair lifts contain a built in ‘soft start / soft stop’ system which will slow down the stair lift as it reaches the stopping point at the top and the bottom of the rail on the stairs staircase. Acorn’s Innovative Technology of the unique Self Leveling Transport System moves the carriage along the single low profile rail and automatically adjusts the speed and level of the seat on cornering, providing an exceptionally smooth ride. The system’s electronic programming ensures excellent operational performance.


Local Stair lift Price

Monday, June 6th, 2011


Stair lifts are perfect for multi-leveled houses with household members who have difficulty climbing stairs. When not in use, the stairlift chair easily folds up and out of the way.

Stair lift is another innovative technology that allows disabled and aged people to live a normal and active life. Handicaps are not anymore limited to staying in just one room or corner. Now, they can enjoy navigating their home with the rest of the family member with less or completely no assistance from anyone. This is because of stair lifts. However, just like any other product, you have to consider the cost that you will have to pay if you are to buy or rent a stair lift.

Stair lift prices depend on what type of stair lift you are planning to purchase. There are actually different types of stair lift: straight rail stair lifts, curved rail stair lifts, wheelchair platform lifts, outdoor stair lifts, pre-owned or used stair lifts and goods stair lifts. Price range depends on which stair lift you need for your household.

It can be a bit tricky to decide which stair lift fits your stair case. If you cannot decide on what stair lift is suitable for your stairs, you can ask for assistance from a local stair lift dealer.

Need a stair lift but have a narrow stairway?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Trouble bending your knees? Staircase exceptionally narrow?

Sit and Stand Frame for a Stairlift

Then an Acorn 120 Perch stair lift is the solution to your problems with the stairs.

The Acorn perch stair lift is perfect for people who have narrow stairs or struggle bending their knees. With many of the same features and options as Acorn 120 straight stair lifts, the perch model includes a comfortable grab rail for extra security.

Contact us now for your FREE consultation and quotation, and one of our experienced stair lift specialists will provide all the advice you need.

  • Fits to the stairs, not the wall
  • Slimline fold-away design

Perch stairlift features

  • Padded seat and backrest
    Ensures that the Acorn Perch stair lift gives the most comfortable ride available.
  • Directional toggle switch
    Easy to operate, even by those with limited dexterity.
  • Safety belt and handrail
    Included for added security.
  • Folding arms and footrest
    Slimline fold-away design allows easy access to the staircase.
  • Fast, no mess installation
    The Acorn Perch Stair lift fixes quickly and easily to your staircase, so there’s no mess, and no need for any repairs.
  • Lockable on/off switch
    Allows the user to prevent others from using the lift.
  • Diagnostic digital display
    Informs the user of the status of the stair lift.
  • Safety sensors
    Five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the stair lift if an obstruction is encountered.
  • Remote controls
    2 handsets supplied, which allow the user to ‘call’ or ‘send’ the stair lift up or down the staircase.

Perch stairlift technical specification

Acorn Superglide Stairlift - technical Specification
Dimensions mm inch
A Overall height (from floor) 1020 40
B Height of seat 495 19.5
C Overall depth (from wall) 585 23
D Overall depth (when folded) 325 13
E Width of footrest 305 12
F Overall width 560 22
G Depth of seat 410 16
Motor power 0.25 kW
Motor output speed 22 rpm
Method of drive rack & pinion
Motor output torque 108 Nm
Power supply 24 v DC (battery)
Maximum capacity 294lbs
Track extruded aluminium
Mains supply 110v, 50Hz charger

Need a price for a a stair lift in Chicago?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Stair Lifts Range

We understand the difficulties that reduced mobility can bring, therefor we offer, comfortable and simple solutions.

All Acorn Stairlifts are easy to use, and easy to maintain; and all display the very best in design, engineering, and safety features.

Like other satisfied customers worldwide, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t chosen an Acorn stairlift earlier!

Acorn 120 Straight stair lifts

Acorn 120 Stair Lifts

For a straight staircase, the Acorn 120 stair lift is the perfect choice, designed and built purely with the user in mind. The stair lift has a slimline fold-away design, and a wealth of features. Say goodbye to difficulty with the stairs with the Acorn 120 stair lift.

Learn more about Acorn 120 stair lifts

Read more about Acorn Stairlifts 80 curved stair lifts

Acorn 80 Stair Lifts

For more complex staircases, Acorn 80 stair lifts provide the ultimate in versatility. Able to tackle practically any staircase. The Acorn 80 stair lift is designed specifically for stairways with bends and features a unique modular rail system, this is so it can be installed as quickly as a regular stair lift.


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