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Accessible Bathrooms

The number one risk for an independent living elderly or disabled person is a fall, which can have devastating, life threating effects. The dangers of slipping on a wet floor or a fall incurred while stepping in or out of a tub are the most hazardous. Solutions to these problems are curbless shower stalls, walk in tubs and properly placed grab bars. Toilets and sinks placed in the right location and height can also greatly assist in preventing injury and afford attainable accessibility.

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Sterling BATH LIFT

Thinking about buying a Bath Lift?

If you are one of the many people having difficulty with getting in and out of the bath you may be considering using one of a number of products designed to make bathing safer and easier.

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of a soak in the bath without the disruption or cost of having your bathroom adapted you may find using a bath lift is the answer.



Braddan Shower Enclosures

The extensive choice of Braddanshower enclosures and their ability to provide level access for all floor types makes them a popular choice amongst specifiers, installers and users.

Easy to install, Braddanshower trays have a 35mm fall to the waste to guarantee that water runs away quickly. The superior strength of all Braddan trays ensures that there is no need for additional support, making them an excellent option for both elderly and disabled needs.

Trays are also supplied with a separate tiling upstand to provide a watertight seal.


Keppel Shower Enclosures

The Keppel tray has been designed to combine surface mounting for ease of installation with a low threshold and water handling.


  • Surface mounted
  • Handed left or right
  • Full selection of full or half height screens available
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Threshold height is 50-55mm
  • Fall to waste is 30mm providing excellent water handling
  • Tiling upstand supplied
  • Five tray sizes available : 1200 x 700mm, 1300 x 700mm, 1420 x 700mm, 1500 x 700mm, 1700 x 700mm


Low Profile Shower Enclosures

At 32mm high, the easy access Low Profile shower enclosure can be installed in wooden floors for level access or above floor for low-level access.

With its offset waste position to avoid joists, the Low Profile is one of the easiest trays to install – making it a perfect showering solution in both elderly and disabled shower rooms.


Mullen® Shower Trays

The Mullen® shower tray uses a patented integrated edging strip (Intergrip®) to clamp and seal the flooring into the tray edge for a superb watertight joint.

With built-in tiling upstands and pre-formed fixing holes, the Mullen® is designed for quick and easy installation of both tray and flooring as there is no need for precision cutting, hot seam welds or corner seams.

Formed from compressed GRP, the easy access Mullen®shower tray uses leading edge technology for unrivalled strength and stability, making it an excellent shower tray in both elderly and disabled bathrooms.


Sulby Shower Enclosures

Designed for easy installation into unbreachable floors, the Sulby shower enclosure has a built-in above-floor gravity waste.

The unique AKW selectable weir in the Sulby tray provides a water trap of 31mm or 38mm.

A very popular easy access shower product in both elderly and disabled bathrooms, standard Sulby trays are 90mm high and have a 35mm fall to the waste to ensure that water runs away quickly.

Options include a 45mm step or 90mm ramps for straight on or corner approaches.

Two 110mm-high Sulby shower tray options are available to simplify gravity waste installations where site conditions are difficult.


Tuff Form® Wet Floor Formers

Designed to create wet floor shower areas in wooden or solid floors, Tuff Form® is suitable for multi-user elderly and disabled bathrooms offering easy access.

Screens are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including two-way rising butt hinges, excellent water seals, and corner blocks which can be trimmed to size on site to suit the radius of flooring.

This product provides much-needed space where room is restricted, and screen sets can fold back against the wall to free up floor area and allow greater movement for a wheelchair.

Tuff Form® formers are trimmable on 2 sides up to 150mm around the waste area.

A fantastic addition to elderly or disabled bathrooms, Tuff Form® is both cost-effective and incredibly hard-wearing providing the perfect wet floor shower room.


Safetyt Tub Seated Safety Shower

The Acrylic 60″ x 30″ x 37″ Seated Safety Shower™

For the first time, enjoy a safe and independent showering experience with the Safety Tubs® Seated Safety Shower™; the first seated shower built to meet the needs of many people including the elderly and disabled. This 60″ x 30″ x 37″ acrylic seated shower comes with a multitude of ground-breaking features: highly durable and luxurious cast acrylic construction; wide, contoured, full-sized seating area with recessed front to make standing or sitting easy; an accessory ledge for personal items; and a built-in armrest to help you relax and enjoy your shower experience. The Seated Safety Shower™ also features a low 3″ threshold and a built-in wrap-around grab bar that allows you to always feel safe and confident, no matter if you’re standing, sitting, entering or exiting. Available in white or biscuit acrylic and left or right hand configurations, it can be completed with a traditional shower curtain or shower doors to match the look and feel of your current bathroom décor. The 60″ long Seated Safety Shower™ by Safety Tubs® can be installed into any standard tub or shower opening, making it an extremely convenient and easy addition to any bathroom.


60″ long x 30″ wide x 37″ high




White or Biscuit