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Common Sling Selection Patient Lifts

Common Sling Selection Overview Selection Factors for Total Lifts


• Head control (hold head upright while in a seated position)

•Back support (sit upright on edge of bed unsupported)

•Hip flexion (flexion of 90°- 110° relative to torso)

•Toileting (garment removal while suspended or not)

• Toileting support (torso support while on toilet)

• Bathing (separate bathing slings or multipurpose material)

• Amputations (BK, AK, level)

• Ambulation (rehabilitative or preventative; respiratory concerns with vests)

• Weight-bearing ability if non-ambulatory

• Mental status

• Skeletal or dermal pain

• Obesity or morbid obesity

Most Commonly used slings Style

Universal -
General purpose full lift with back support
Original High Back-
General purpose with head support
Hygiene sling-
Toileting and transfers
Hygiene sling with safety strap-
Toileting and transfers

Amputee sling-

Amputee High back-Single/doubleHigh AK
Master vest-
Partial weightbearing ambulatio

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