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Portable Lifts

Horcher DIANA Overhead Lift

Horcher has been developing and manufacturing patient lifting and bathing systems for more than 15 years. During this time, this family owned company has developed into one of the most respected and innovative companies in its field – worldwide. The constant endeavor to produce safe and technically mature aids for persons with physical limitations and the elderly has made Horcher one of the leading manufacturers. Horcher quality offers safety and confidence in today’s state-of-the-art technology.


  • Detects independently when energy output is required and switches to stand-by mode;
  • Switches to sleep mode after three minutes of inactivity;
    a) Uses an intermittent tone to remind the user to recharge; 

    b) If this charging signal is ignored, the system sounds a constant tone to remind the user to recharge;

    c) Switches the battery off automatically before it can be damaged by total discharge

Digital scale, suitable for all models.

Makes it easy to determine the exact weight!

DIANA Compact

Universal and ideal support for daily patient transfer
The DIANA lift series has for years been a guarantee for qualified
care and satisfied patients in nursing homes and home care.
For persons with limited mobility, it provides ergonomically correct
lifting from any position. The DIANA lift series fulfills nearly all
conceivable requirements:

  • Spreadable base in two spreading positions to receive the patient from the wheelchair;
  • Smooth, continuous adjustment of the lift mast;
  • Electric lift motor;
  • IBS – Intelligent Battery System;
  • Effortless, smooth, safe transport thanks to smooth-running casters;
  • Lockable casters;
  • Versatile sling program for the widest variety of applications;
  • Lifting capacity 440 pounds


DIANA Comfort

The lift with the swivel lift mast
The DIANA Comfort has all the features of the DIANA lift series. However, as a comfort lift, it also has a swivel lift mast. The DIANA lift series is particularly well suited for transport to the bath, to the toilet, or wherever the patient would like to go.




The right aid for traveling
The DIANA Mini lift series is the ideal lift for travel. Easy to disassemble,easy to transport; transport weight: 70.5 pounds.




DIANA Comfort SL

The spreader bar for demanding lifting The DIANA Comfort SL lift series has the same features as the DIANA Comfort model, but this lift is also equipped with a dolphin patient positioner. This offers the advantage of providing more ways to lift the person more carefully. This bar is well suited forpersons with sensitive bodies.



Horcher Portable Lift System


The Horcher PC-2 is the versatile portable option… at the push of a button

We all want to be able to move about safely, in comfort and with dignity, and the Horcher PC-2 has proven itself to be an invaluable aid to thousands of people with restricted mobility. Capable of being installed in virtually unlimited configurations, from simple track systems to room covering transversals, our technical engineers will be happy to design track layouts to meet your individual requirements. In whatever location,
whether at home, in the workplace, near the swimming pool, or almost anywhere you desire, PC-2 can meet your needs!


So Reliable and Easy to Use!

The PC-2 can easily be taken off one track, carried to another, and reattached, thus avoiding the need to purchase more than one lift for several different locations. Furthermore, installing small pieces of track where you actually need it saves on more costly continuous track systems. Available with the most comprehensive product line of slings and models with lifting capacities of up to 500lbs, the Horcher PC-2 just may be the lift solution that you have been looking for.




Lifting speed 6-8 feet per minute
Lifting height 7 feet
Weight 18.5lb
Battery 24 volt DC
Battery charger 110v/2 4v-1 Amp
Maximum current 6 Amps
Lifting capacity 440 pounds
Available option 600 pounds
2 year limited warranty, parts and labor
Horcher has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to alter technical specification without prior notice.


Horcher Slings


Two piece quick sling
Two part back and leg sling is ideal for wheelchair users with a degree of mobility who can use it independently.

Slip resistant aerotex guarantees a safe grip. Also available with fleece cover for added comfort.



Three piece quick sling
Similar to the UPG-1 above but with two leg pieces making it ideal for toileting.

Also available with a fleece cover.


USS-8 to USS-12

Universal sling
A truly multipurpose sling ideal for transfer, bathing and toileting.

One of the simplest and most cost effective slings.

Each leg is supported by an individual leg strap making it easy to apply while seated.

These slings are designed for patients who do not need head support.


USSK-8 to USSK-12

Universal sling with head support
Similar to the USS line as described above but with head support.

The supports can easily be removed for ease of laundering.



USB-9 to USB-11

Double amputee sling
Full bottomed sling specially designed for amputees.



HCGA-10 to HCGA-11

Double amputee sling with head support
Full bottomed sling with head support specially designed for amputees.



HCG-8 to HCG-12

Lexa sling
A comfortable sling with head support that cradles the body.




HCTG-8 to HCTG-12

Toileting sling with head support
An open bottomed sling with head support, designed to facilitate easy removal of clothing with the patient in the sling.




HTG-10 to HTG-12

Toileting sling without head support
An open bottomed sling without head support, designed to facilitate easy removal of clothing with the patient in the sling.




Laundering bag

For longer quality
Ideal for protecting and increasing the life of your sling.



Raisa back belt

for RAISA lift system
Quick and easy belt for the Raisa standing aid



Raisa corset sling

for Raisa lift system
Corset sling offering superior support and optimum weight distribution of the upper body.





Steel tubing with wrap around arms
which can easily be adjusted to provide a snug fit and avoiding undue pressure to the upper body.



Horcher body vest

Designed to assist gait training and rehabilitation in patients seeking to increase weight bearing capabilities.




UBT-8 to 8/2 and UBT-10 to 10/2

Stretcher Sling
Designed to lift patients in a supine position with the C series stretcher lift.



Horcher TONYA Child Overhead Lift


The special child’s lift
Horcher’s TONYA child’s lift has been developed from Horcher’s two most successful original lift products (DIANA and LEXA) and therefore combines functionality, design and exceptional quality. Of highly colorful design, TONYA permits children with movement impairments to be lifted from any position in an ergonomically correct manner.

Other features of the product include:

  • The legs of the lift can be opened to two positions to enable the patient to be lifted from a wheel chair, for example;
  • Infinitely adjustable and jolt-free adjustment of the lifting column;
  • Electric lift drive;
  • IBS – Intelligent Battery System;
  • Jolt-free and safe movement without strain thanks to smooth-running castors;
  • Locking brakes on the wheels;
  • Wide range of slings for a diversity of uses;
  • Lifting capacity of 440 pounds

RollOnUp and standing on your own

The RollOn is an unpowered raising support developed for safe transfers to and from a sitting position. It works very well as an aid to and from the toilet or between the bed and a chair.

The RollOn can be a good alternative to a wheelchair in situations where patients risk injuring themselves or a caregiver; for example, when the patient is to stand up after an operation or perhaps after childbirth; anytime, in fact, when balance isn’t what it should be.

The RollOn is based on the principle that the patient uses his or her own strength to pull themselves up to a standing position. The caregiver then lowers the padded rear supports, and the patient is surrounded by a safe and stable structure. The comfortable lower-leg support pivots to provide evenly distributed pressure from sitting to standing.

Product Overview




Made of aluminum, RollOn is easy to maneuver, corrosion-resistant and easy to keep clean.






The padded rear supports provide safety and security for both patient and caregiver and are easy to open and close.






Several position settings make RollOn easily adjustable for the individual patient.






HandyBelt can be a good aid when raising a patient in RollOn.


GolvoThe universal mobile lift

Sometimes it is difficult to choose between a mobile lift and an overhead lift. With our flagship Golvo, you get both.

Golvo is available in three models. Golvo 7007 is the most common model while Golvo 7000 is somewhat smaller and can be used in rooms with more limited space. Golvo 7007 LowBase™ has a lower base, permitting access under extremely low beds.

With its patented lifting principle and smooth lift strap motion, Golvo offers flexibility and versatility found in no other mobile lift.

Golvo remains the solution of choice in countless lifting and ambulation situations. The flexible lift strap and wide lifting range makes Golvo especially suitable for gait training, lifting with a stretcher, or lifting from the floor. The base-widening is parallel, which facilitates lifting, for instance, around low beds, or when lifting from/to a chair.


Product Overview

Liko’s entire accessory portfolio can be used with Golvo. We have more than 200 different sling models to fit all patients and situations.




The parallel base-widening mechanism provides very good access around wheelchairs, toilets, and diagnostic equipment.




Golvo has two lifting speeds for operator convenience.




With Liko’s Quick-Release Hook System, a sling bar or other lifting equipment can be changed quickly and easily.




With Golvo, lifting is done vertically with a flexible lift strap. Each lifting procedure is smooth and comfortable for the patient being lifted. Stability is optimal, since the lift center of gravity is always in the middle of the support area.




GolvoLowBase™ has an extra low base – permitting access under extremely low beds.




Retractable arm rests are standard and make Golvo the perfect mobile lift for gait training during rehabilitation. The arm rests can also be used by the caregiver to maneuver the lift.


Sabina 200 Simple and Reliable

To be able to get up is one of the most basic human needs. It is good for the muscles as well as the skeleton and the general well-being. When the strength is not quite sufficient, a sit-to-stand lift can be a good alternative for training or transfers.

New Sabina 200 is a sit-to-stand lift. Just like our popular Sabina II, its raising motion has the anchor point close to the patient. This provides for safe, secure and comfortable raising.

Several different sit-to-stand vests can be used with Sabina 200, so that lifting can be adapted to the patient’s needs. Furthermore, the lift offers several settings, in order to enable the most comfortable and smooth lift possible. For instance, the lift mast can be set to three different heights.

Sabina is used for standing practice or for transfers from sitting to sitting, for instance, from a bed to a chair or for hygiene transfers.

For those who want even more adaptation possibilities, and also want to use the lift for common sit-to-sit lifting, we offer big sister Sabina II

Max. Load: 160 kg (350 lbs.)


Product Overview

Several sit-to-stand vests are available as accessories.




Adjustable height setting for patients of different height.




Ergonomic and comfortable raising motion




The base on Sabina 200 is adjusted electrically, with the hand control.



Sabina II sit-to-stand Three lifts in one

Sabina differs from other sit-to-stand lifts. Its functional design and well thought out accessories provide numerous application opportunities in one and the same lift.

The ability to adapt each raising or lifting operation to the capabilities of the patient always gives better results than using the same solution for all patients. Sabina II is designed to adapt to the individual patient.



Product Overview

Sabina II has adjustable height levels for different sized patients.




Sabina II can even be used as a conventional patient lift for lifting in the sitting position.




For those who are sensitive to underarm pressure, a Comfort SlingBar and ComfortVest are used.




Sabina has easily exchangeable sling bars. The most common is the narrow sling bar (350 SlingBar), which is used in combination with LikoSupportVest or LikoSafetyVest.



Uno 100/102 A favorite for day-to-day lifting needs

The basic principles behind the design of Uno are well established and time tested.

Thanks to its unique features and entry level pricing, Uno has rapidly become a favorite in long-term care facilities and in home care.

Uno is the ideal lift for day-to-day use. It’s easy to use and maneuver, enabling convenient access even in bathrooms or where space is limited. The Uno family includes five models in two different sizes.



Product Overview

Uno’s FlexLink (an extra link arm increasing the distance to the lift mast) provides for almost vertical lifting motion and greater flexibility when lifting from the floor.




With its three different mast height settings, Uno can be easily adapted to a range of lifting situations.



Uno 200 Adapted to Your Everyday Needs.

An easy-to-use, safe and versatile mobile lift. That is the way many would probably describe the new Uno 200. An advantageous price is not a minus in this connection either.

With Uno 200 you get access to Liko’s entire accessory range. This means that the lift can be adapted to different patients and lifting situations.

Uno also has a number of settings, enabling you to adapt the lift to your needs. For instance, the maximum load can be adjusted between 160 and 200 kg (350-440 lbs.) in order to get best possible lifting speed.

With the different settings on the lift mast and the actuator, Uno 200 can be used for lifting from the floor as well as to high beds or gurneys.

Both lifting motion and base-width adjustment are electrical.

Lifting Capacity
160/200 kg (350/440 lbs.), depending on the setting

Product Overview

With its three different height settings, Uno can be easily adapted to different lifting situations




The smart FlexLink (an extra link arm increasing the distance to the lift mast) provides for almost vertical lifting and greater flexibility when lifting from the floor.




The maximum load can be adjusted between 160 and 200 kg (350-440 lbs), in order to always get the best possible lifting speed.




The base-width adjustment is quick and electrical



Viking M The all-round lift

We are convinced that Viking M will become your new favourite lift. After 25 years of market-leading product development, we know how to design the optimal mobile lift.

Viking M has fantastic features and is ideal for most common lifting situations. This easy-to-manoeuvre lift enables access also to bathrooms where space is very limited. Furthermore, it is made of aluminium to weigh as little as possible – in spite of weighing just 35 kg (77 lbs), Viking M can lift up to 205 kg (450 lbs).

Together with Liko functional slings and accessories, Viking M is a perfect all-round lift for those with high demands and wide-ranging needs.

Equipped with arm rests, Viking M is an invaluable aid for gait training and rehabilitation.

Product Overview

Like many of our products, Viking M is made of aluminum – a light, strong and environmentally-friendly material.




The environmentally-friendly NiMH battery is light and has built-in discharge protection. The current charge status can always be checked, even if the battery is not connected to the lift.




Viking M is equipped with a wireless hand control which allows the caregiver to stay close to the patient during the entire lift – without any cables getting in the way. Two lifting speeds provide convenience and precision in all lifting procedures.




Liko’s Diagnostic System™ can tell how often the lift is used, the medium load it has lifted, and if and how often it has been overloaded. The control box also indicates when it is time for service.



LikoLightThe transportable lightweight lift

For those in need of a light, mobile lift that folds away easily, LikoLight is one of the most attractive options on the market. LikoLight’s major advantage is that you can take it with you when you travel, or store it conveniently when not in use. Optionally, LikoLight can be quickly disassembled into three pieces to facilitate long-distance transport or storage.

LikoLight is ideal for all the most common lifting situations. For example, it lifts from bed to wheelchair, to and from the toilet or bathtub, or it can lift someone who has fallen to the floor.

Product Overview

LikoLight has electrical raising and lowering as well as mechanical base-width adjustment.




LikoLight is made of aluminum, the right choice for environment, quality and design. The choice of material also makes the lift easy to roll, rust-free and easy to keep clean.




LikoLight folds away easily for transport or storage.




LikoLight is easily disassembled into three pieces (no part weighs more than 22 lbs/10 kg). LikoLight Travel Bags – a set of practical carrying bags made of a padded, durable and soft lightweight material – is available as an accessory.

Multirall 200 portable and room to room

A portable overhead lift that also can be used for room-to-room transfers of a patient – with just one lift motor.

In many care environments, such as hospitals and nursing homes, the need for lifting aids in a room may be temporary, depending on the condition of the patient in question. In this case, a mobile lift or a portable overhead lift can be good alternatives.

The Multirall 200 lifts up to 440 lbs (200 kg). The Quick Release System and Extension Arm enable the motor to easily be attached to or removed from the ceiling rail. This makes the lift very easy to transport between rooms, without tools and with minimum effort.

When there is a need to transfer a patient – in a sitting position – between two rooms, the Multirall can be an excellent and cost-effective solution because it can be easily moved from one rail system to another using a transfer strap.


Installation options for any environment

Our many different mounting options provide a safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing installation.




Pendants in a concrete ceiling

Often a good solution is to install the rail above the drop ceiling using pendants. Pendants can also be used if the ceiling is very high or if light fixtures are in the way of the rails. Pendants are available in lengths of up to 54 inches (1350 mm).



Wood Joist ceiling

For wood joist construction we recommend suspending the rail on pendants with a threaded steel rod. The rail may also be attached under a drop ceiling.



Upright wall supports

Another alternative, when a ceiling installation is not possible, is our Slimline upright wall support. It blends in discretely and is easy to remove when the lift system is no longer needed. The Slimline supports accommodate surface-mounted pipes and existing baseboards without a problem.



Wall brackets

Overhead installation with wall brackets is an alternative in a room with concrete walls, where for some reason it is not possible to install in the ceiling. Wall brackets are also used in drywall with frames.