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Straight or Curved chair lift in Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake homes that need a chair lift can vary greatly due to the different types of staircases that have been built over the years. If your staircase has any curves your staircase may need a curved chair lift. If your staircase has a flat landing in the middle it is sometimes possible to install two straight chair lifts. This option is generally much cheaper than a curved chair lift installation. The thing to watch out here is that the user will need to be able to transfer from one chair lift to the other. Curved chair lifts are designed to run continuously over the landing all the way to the top of the stairs. Curved chair lifts require a curved rail that has to be made to measure for the exact dimensions of your staircase. A curved chair lift is more expensive than a straight model because it is a much more technologically advanced system. Straight chair lifts are made to be installed very quickly while curved chair lifts can sometimes take an entire day to install. Call Home Access Services today at 877-491-5525 for a free home chair lift survey in Cedar Lake now.

Straight or Curved chair lift in Cedar Lake

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